It prevents osteoporosis
Because pineapple contains manganese, which protects your bones from osteoporosis.
· Enhances red blood cell production
Make sure to eat pineapple, because of its strong role in the production of red blood cells, as it is rich in vitamin B6, which protects pregnant women from developing anemia.
· It protects the fetus from developing birth defects
Pineapple contains this acid that protects your baby from birth defects.
· It treats high blood pressure
Pineapple is characterized by its containment of potassium, which works to control the blood pressure of a pregnant woman, but my lady make sure to eat pineapple in a moderate amount.
· Improves immune strength
Pineapple contains vitamin C, which enhances the immunity of a pregnant woman and protects the cells from damage. It is also a substance that boosts the production of collagen, which is responsible for the growth of the fetus’s skin and bones.
· It promotes a healthy nervous system
Eating pineapple in pregnant women promotes the health of their nervous system, because it is rich in vitamin B.
· It helps the fetus to grow well and properly
Eating pineapple during your pregnancy helps in the formation and growth of the heart of your fetus because it is rich in copper.
· It protects the pregnant woman from developing varicose veins
Due to the fact that pineapple contains bromelain, which reduces the fibrous deposits in the veins, the deficiency of which causes swelling of the veins in the arms and leg of a pregnant woman.
So go eat some pineapples.

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