How To Stimulate Breast Milk Production After Delivery?

How To Stimulate Breast Milk Production After Delivery?

To know how to stimulate breast milk production after delivery?
You must know the importance of breast milk for a baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics and WHO strongly recommends giving only breast milk till 6-months after born.
That means breast milk is the only source of nutrition for the first 6 months. And after 6 months,  you may continue breastfeeding as babies required along with other foods.
Breast milk contains Water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, digestive enzymes, and hormones which will boost their immunity and quenches their thirst and hunger.

Why Breast Milk Supply Decreases?

Before knowing,  How to increase breast milk supply?
First, what are the reasons for decreasing milk production?
Here are few reasons those are involved in decreasing the breast milk supply,

How to increase or stimulate your breast milk production?

1. Reduce Stress Levels: This is the main reason for decreasing milk production.
The basic questions that come to your mind after delivery are,
When Does Milk Production Start?
Why Isn’t My Milk Coming In?
Is My Milk Volume Sufficient For my Baby?
These questions push you toward stress and indirectly reduce your milk supply.
These questions can’t affect your milk supply if you understand the technical facts behind milk productions.
      Fact 1: Do you know that your body starts to produce milk when you were 20 weeks pregnant?
Yes, You have produced Colostrum, the first milk since you were 20 weeks pregnant. But the hormones of pregnancy stop your breast from producing a large volume of milk until after you have given birth.
After giving birth, your body understands that you are no longer pregnant and pregnancy hormones rapidly decrease where lactation hormones start to increase.
       Fact 2: Positive mindset always helps you to increase your milk supply.
If you think positively for your baby and your milk supply, like
I can produce sufficient milk for my baby.
I have no problem with my breast milk supply.
These kinds of positive thoughts reduce your stress levels and increase your Oxytocin levels.
Research shows that high levels of Oxytocin help to increase your milk supply.
 2. Frequently Feed Your Baby: Milk production depends on demand and supply.
Your body produces milk as your baby demands. High demands will increase your milk productions.
To increase your milk supply is to increase the frequency of your feeds. You may feed your baby at least 8 to 12 times a day.
Breast pumping is one of the best options to increase milk supply. By pumping, you tell your body to create more milk for your baby.
There are a couple of ways to use a Breast pump to increase milk supply.
A. Power Pumping: You can dedicate an hour a day to power-pumping. So, the process is
B. You can use a Breast pump for 5 minutes after each breastfeeding. During pumping, possible that you can get nothing.
But by these pumping sessions, you are stimulating the breast and telling your body to make more milk for the next time.
Before start pumping, massage your breast for 2 to 3 minutes.

Huge range and types of Breast pumps available such as Manual Pumps, Electric Breastfeeding pumps, Hand-free Pumping Bra.

So, you can choose according to your requirements.
3. Proper Latching: If you feel that your milk supply remains low after frequent breastfeeding. There may be improper latching involve.
Proper latching is very important for the baby to suck the milk out and helps to secrete some hormones which are necessary for lactation.
A basic sign of proper latching is when the baby takes most of the areola in her or his mouth. Proper latching also helps you to avoid nipple sore.

4. Avoid Delayed Breastfeeding: Skin-to-Skin is very important for newborn babies and moms. If mom and baby are both healthy, then doctors suggest skin-to-skin as early as possible after delivery.

Skin-to-Skin helps mom to stimulate and secrete lactation hormones which increase milk production within 24 to 72 hours.

5. Avoid Disturbance during breastfeeding: Research shows that if you are engaging in TV, mobile, or other works during breastfeeding, chances of milk secretion are low.
But if you only focus on your baby during breastfeeding, you feel happy. And this happiness helps you to increase oxytocin levels in your body which directly helps in milk production.
6. Hormonal Disorder: Hormonal disorders like Thyroid problems, Diabetes, PCOS, hypertension can influence your milk secretion.
So, proper guidance from Doctors and take medication properly helps you to avoid those hormonal problems.
7. Avoid Clogging in Milk Ducts: Clogging in milk ducts only happens when your body produces extra milk that the baby doesn’t need.
That extra milk blocks milk ducts and prevents the milk from draining out and that cause painful lumps.

To avoid clogging in milk ducts, you can remove the excess milk with the help of the breast pump or manually after each meal.

Worm massage also helps to remove the clogged and increase milk flow.
8. Medication and Smoking: Always talk to your doctor before taking any medicine.
And stop smoking.
9. A proper and sufficient diet and adequate amount of rest are always helpful to avoid breast milk deficiency.
Don’t follow any restricted diet or avoid calories. Because during breastfeeding, the baby takes lots of your calories from your body that help you to lose weight.
10. Hydration: Breast milk contains 87 percent of water. So, drink 3 to 4 liters of water per day, and keep yourself hydrated for more milk production.
Now, a question comes to your mind that

Which Food Increase Breast milk?

Foods that are listed here generally help to increase milk supply. But if you find that will not help you or reduce your milk supply, then avoid that. Because each person is different and their sensitivity toward the food is also different.
So, foods that help you to increase milk production are
Note: Foods or vegetables mentioned above mostly contain Galactagogue, which is very important to increasing milk production.

So, you can take those foods or take supplements that contain the same ingredients and boost your milk flow.

We share only those supplements that contain organic ingredients and have positive feedback from other moms.
We always recommend you consult your doctors before taking any supplements or medicines.
So, those Supplements are

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