How to prevent baby bald spots

  Cotton is an extremely absorbing fabric which twists the fine hairs on baby’s head, causing friction to their delicate hair and leaving it dry, knotted and eventually breaking the follicle bare. This usually results in bald spots and or shorter sides and back.

Sleeping on sheets protects baby’s hair, allowing it to glide over the silk and resulting in regrowth as soon as 2 to 4 weeks.

The silky smooth weave of silk sheets ensures that your babies hair glides on the surface with no friction and no tugs! This is what helps to prevent the knotty tangled, frizzy and dry breaking hair. 

Who doesn’t love a bit of luxury!

Ordinary cotton and bamboo sheets twist and snag hair causing knotting, matting and eventually the dreaded baby bald spot. So why is Silk the answer? Silk allows hair to glide over the cot mattress surface, eliminating friction to prevent baby bald spots, frizz and knotting. Cotton can snag the hair and mess it into a nest of tangles and knots overnight. 

Sleeping on silk also benefits babies that already sport a bald spot, as the reduction in friction allows the delicate new hair to come in far quicker than cotton does, greatly increasing the rate of re-growth.

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