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Back Pain During Pregnancy Natural Health Tutor

Is Back Pain your Problem in Pregnancy?

Cause and remedies

Finding out pregnant is the most awaited moment in your life and you love to undergo the toughest phase of your life when you bear a baby. In this phase of life, you notice many annoying changes in the body and undergo several ailments such as nausea, urinary infection, heartburn, poor digestion, Thyroid disorder, Hypertension, and Back Pain in pregnancy. Studies show back pain becomes the most common problem with 70 % of women during pregnancy.

Why Back pain is a common problem during pregnancy?

When a woman is in the early stage of pregnancy she gets back pain due to softer ligaments. Ligaments become very sensitive and stretchable for labor and strain on joints of the lower back, when it hurts, lower back pains.


#1. Weight Gain
During the pregnancy generally woman gains 10 – 12 kg weight and the spine have to bear that overweight and it causes lower back pain.

#2. Posture
As the pregnancy develops your posture gradually changed and you have to adjust your movement.

#3. Emotional Stress
Of course, you know the challenge of pregnancy in advance but still, you have happy and scary emotions. you know very well you have to undergo the 55 Del of pain. Sometimes you assume the pain and feel like a pain in the abdomen and lower back.

#4. Hormonal Change
Hormonal change is very common in pregnancy. When you are pregnant you have to undergo several hormonal changes which are also necessary for the birth process, it affects ligament to loosen the spine and becomes the cause of lower back pain.

#5. Abdominal Muscle Separation
Muscle separation is the most noticeable ailment in pregnancy. Your uterus becomes wide and expands between the rib cage and pubic bone and separates gradually. This separation cause back pain.

#6. Baby Bump
In 7-9 months of pregnancy, a baby has some movement in the side of your uterus, sometimes you feel like kicking, this is also called baby bump, and due to baby bump, you may have back pain.

There are some other causes related to daily activities:

  • Heavy walk especially in the last two months.
  • Rolling over or sleeping on belly.
  • Consistently bed forward.
  • Lift weight in household work.
  • Climb stairs and lift your body.

Tips to get Relief

#1. Moderate Exercise
During pregnancy, it is necessary to stay mobile; it will control your back pain.

#2. Physiotherapy
Muscles become tight during pregnancy and exercise under the supervision of experts will help you to strengthen and tighten muscles. These muscles support your uterus, bladder, and rectum. Different techniques and exercises in this therapy will help you to control low back pain.

#3. Deep Breathing
During the pregnancy, our organ becomes sensitive. The weight of the growing baby affects your ribcage. Deep breathing can help your ribcage to move properly.

#4. Chiropractic Treatment
Seeking chiropractors care in pregnancy will help you a lot in the treatment of a neuromuscular disorder. They will adjust your misalignment spine that may be causing pain.

Correct and Incorrect Posture during Pregnancy

#5. Improve your posture
If you are careful while sitting and standing it can minimize your soothing back pain. The doctor suggests you to put your weight on the heel while standing up and avoiding rounding back. When you sit, do not stick on the back of the seat, try to put some gap between the seat back and your back, it will keep your pelvis more active.

#6. Relief in back pain by Massage
Massage is very effective in back pain. if you get it done by a therapist or professional. Rolling massage tightened the loose ligaments that offer you relief in pain.

#7. Stress Management
In pregnancy most of the time you keep thinking about the baby and your health, this emotional stress leads you to the back pain.
Several stress reduction techniques can help you control the pain.

#8. Yoga & Meditation
You have to be strong physically and mentally to bear a healthy baby. Certain prescribed Yoga postures and meditation can help you to be mentally strong. Some meditation techniques also connect you to feel the baby which gives you immense pleasure to gain positive feelings.

#9. Belly Bands
A well-designed belly bands give you extra support in the lower back and abdomen during pregnancy. The flexible support of the belly belt gives you relief in back pain in second to third trimesters.

Is back pain a sign of pregnancy?

Without a doubt, back pain is considered one of the early pregnancy symptoms but sometime you may notice the pain in the second trimesters of pregnancy. When you are pregnant fetus expands and breasts strain the body and affect the spine. When the spine hurts, it pains.

Back pain in pregnancy first trimester

In the first three months of pregnancy feeling pain in the lower back is very common because this is the stage when your body has to meet various hormonal changes. The secretion of eight times more hormones in your body leads you to lower back pain. Sole massage and heat-cold massage will give you relief in such a pain.

Back pain in pregnancy Second trimester

In the second trimester, your body starts expanding, you gain weight and your belly grows, you will feel round ligament pain along with back pain in this duration because when your uterus expands it stretches the ligaments and you feel round ligament pain.

Back pain in pregnancy Third trimester

In the third trimester, you will also notice upper back pain. You will also feel discomfort in the pelvis and hips. There are many reasons for getting upper back pain. As your pregnancy develops, the baby grows in size, and uterus shifts forward. Shifting of uterus strains the muscles in the back.

When should you worry about back pain in pregnancy?

Usually, your gynecologist treats your back pain as it is the part of pregnancy but if you often notice the following symptoms you should see a doctor:

Unbearable pain
If you experience unbearable pain which is not usual and remains constant for more than a couple of weeks, you should immediately visit or consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Cramping Pain
If you feel cramps or throbbing pain in your lower abdomen, pain radiates to your thigh and peaks more than a day; you should consult your doctor.

Discomfort When Urinating
If you feel pain or itching while passing urine it can be the result of Urinary Tract Infection, urine bladder pressure, or blood clots in the urethra. You should visit your doctor before the infection leads you to some major complications.

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