A few ways to support a breastfeeding Mumz. 🤎

1. Offer to wash pump parts- Give her a hand and free some of her time so she can rest or spend more time bonding with baby.

2. Give encouragement- getting positive feedback from your spouse or support person/people will lift life her spirits. What's that saying? “happy mum, happy baby” SO TRUE!

3. Share night shift feedings/diapers- Mum can nurse and dad can change diapers and put baby back to sleep.

4. Offer water or snacks while mum is nursing. I can guarantee that nursing mamas get thirsty while breastfeeding. Also with all those calories burned from breastfeeding that snack is well deserved.

5. Provide a space for nursing friends/family to pump so that they feel right at home when they are away from theirs.

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